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Everyone who is looking for good quality, is looking up for warranty that's why OG provides 12 months’ warranty for used electronic components, and 24 months’ warranty for new electronic components which you can find in our shop.
We always check the quality of all devices, before dispatch to make the business easy and the customer happy, but please always warn us in case of something is wrong due to description. In case of faulty OEM component, we always do the exchange or send the money back in case out of stock so there is no risk to join us - please just remember to stick some rules which are placed below.

1. OG ELECTRO MARKET provides the warranty free of charge.
2. Duration of warranty is 12/24 months and no longer.
3. The customer is obliged to check signs and plugs which are basic for warranty claims.
4. The customer is obliged to keep original warranty card for the product: proof of purchase / invoice
in safe place.
5. Removing signs and plugs provoke loss of warranty.
6. Mechanic/electronic damage due to wrong installation, shipping or other action which causes
permanent changes to material, disqualify the part for warranty replacement.
7. Reclamation costs < shipping / installation > are defrayed by customer.
8. Used OEM electronic components are genuine but they could have some signs of usage like dirt or
9. W e always respect you so please also respect us! In case of something wrong firstly please contact
our customer service! W e are honest and real so you don't need any eBay help!
10. Shipping address for reclamation products:
Shark System Michał Mikołajczyk
Śniadeckich 10a
38-200 Jasło
Please inform us about return fact directly for this email address :

Your money will be refunded up to 14 days after we recive the product in original condition.
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